Brian has always been a storyteller. In fact, it’s been a guiding force through out his life. If it’d make a good story Brian would go for it. This resulted in many exciting adventures and occasionally a lil bit of trouble. All are tales he loves to tell. His passion for storytelling in all of it’s mediums, be it cartoons, comic books or cinema, has never waned. From page, to stage to screen Brian has soaked up everything he’s come across. Equally excited by the experience of being the audience to the challenges of collaborating on the creation.

This passion turned to formal training in college when he studied theatre at the prestigious Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University in Chicago. Though his degree was in acting Brian opted into directing classes and made it his business to watch and learn from the directors with whom he worked. The acting training at DePaul is intense and varied. Students are introduced to many different disciplines and vocabularies of different acting styles. This has served Brian extremely well as a director, allowing him speak the actor’s language whether it be Meisner, Stanislvski or Spolin. Whatever the acting challenge Brian has a full bag of tricks and techniques to get the most out of the actors.





Ro Sham Bo

RoShamBo directed by Brian Kimmet

The Perfect Date

The Perfect Date directed by Brian Kimmet


Mmm Coffee directed Brian Kimmet







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