Brian came into this world on Dec 5th. That’s right, he’s a Sagittarius. He was raised in Ypsilanti, Mi. Sound it out… ihp-suh-lan-tee… there ya go. He was loved and nurtured by his parents Kate and Jim while being hunted and abused by his older sister Michele.

He started performing at a young age in school plays and forensics competitions. His first role as Ralph Bunny in the  timeless classic The Rabbits Who Wanted Red Wings was performed on the historic stage at St. Francis Parish Activity Center and it was a life changing experience for all who witnessed it. From there Brian performed the full cannon of cliche school plays from the Music Man to Pinnochio to the Artful Dodger and many more.

“He’s a great talent. Easily the best actor in the whole 5th Grade.”
- Mrs. Fellin, Drama/Music teacher 1987

When it came time to venture out into the world he first graced his talents upon the Theatre School at DePaul University, one of the finest training conservatories in the nation. There his skills were honed and his talents blossomed under the tutelage of masters like Ric Murphy, Dr. Bella Itkin and John Jenkins. He shined on the stage while in college. From his classic clown in This is Not a Pipe Dream to his Gentlemen Caller in The Glass Menagerie. And, of course, in Peter Pan, who can forget the immortal words of his soliloquy, “Ugh-a-wug-a-wig-wam”.

“He’s gonna be, like, totally famous.” -Girl that Brian dated in Chicago

Upon graduation, Brian was sought after in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles but his adventurous spirit compelled him to go west, young man! Huzzah! And so he did. Brian took Los Angeles like a wild fire. Cause he heard wild fires were really big there. He racked up role after role working with some of the best in the business.  He collaborated with Alan Ball on Six Feet Under, he took Iwo Jima with Clint Eastwood in Flags of our Fathers and he attempted to take down America with Tim Robbins. Not literally. Tim directed him in 1984. Brian even worked with Henry Winkler on Crossing Jordan. That’s right, The Fonz. The fucking Fonz, dude!

“Ayyyyy.-”The Fonz

Along the way Brian has learned more and more about every facet of this crazy business called show. Brian has a mind like a sponge. Absorbent and a little dirty. He’s trained Improv with Second City, Commedia delle Arte with The Actors’ Gang, Suzuki & Viewpoints with SITI Co., Voice Over with Kalmenson & Kalmenson and even trapeze with the Trapeze School of New York. In fact Brian teaches trapeze at the Santa Monica Pier. Seriously, people put their lives in his hands!? What a world.


Brian has always been a graphic artist as well as a performing artist. Upon moving to LA Brian found work as a storyboard artist, helping up and coming directors draw out their vision for their next films. He’s done boards for shorts, features, music videos and commercials. This inside look at film making coupled with his experience in front of the camera spurred Brian to try his hand behind the camera. Brian shot his first film, ‘My Space’, in 2007. He’s currently in post-production on his sixth film and already in pre-production on a web series that he has co-written.


Brian got into this business because of his love for collaboration and his passion for storytelling. His curiosity and drive have taken him into many different arenas of the industry. But it’s his work ethic and talent that have allowed him to work with some of the best in the business and will keep him there for years to come.

Clint Eastwood on the Set of Flags of our Fathers
The Best in the Business
The Fonz
Brian Kimmet on set of Flags of our Father
Brian adventuring off a cliff
The Stage that Brian shined on
The Theatre School at Depaul University
Kate and Jim
Brian's older sister Michele
Birthplace of Brian Kimmet
Ypsilanti, Michigan - Birthplace of Brian Kimmet







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